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Writing this make my heart ache:(

Old Age

August 7, 2020


Can you remember when we were kids, I pushed you off the swing?  We squabbled over everything.  You hated my friends.  And I hated yours.  It was war.  But we matured and learned to be civil.  We grew close, and shared moments of laughter and sadness.  I knew you better than anyone.  I had big dreams and you supported me.  When I failed, you went back to square one with me.  

Do you remember the first time we held hands?  The first time you told me you loved me?  The first time we kissed?  
Was it under the rain?
               No, it was under the cherry tree.

You smelled like pastry flakes from your bakery.  
              ​No, I worked at a flower shop.

Your hair flowed like water. 
               ​No, I've always kept it short.

You finished school and I got a job.  We were ready for a family.  We had two kids.  James wanted to be an astronaut, but went on being a vet.
             No, James was your best friend who was an engineer.

Frannie loved music and became a music teacher.

             No, Frannie was your sister who owned a coffee shop.

We happily watched our kids grow and start their own families.

              No, we never had children.

You were happy.  I got a promotion and we moved to Italy.  We lived in the most luxurious apartment and dinned like the Greek gods.   

             No, we stayed here and you lost your job.

You took an interest in wineries and began your own business.  

             No, you picked up drinking.

We had what everybody wanted, to grow old together.  You cuddled up on my chest and I would sing you to sleep. 

              No!  You had a car accident, and spent years in a coma.

Each night we watched the sun set.

             No, after you woke up you developed Alzheimer's disease.

You cuddled up on my chest and I would sing you to sleep. 


Now my dear, it is time for me to go.  It was a good life.
             BUT PLEASE.  Don't... Don't leave me alone.

I love you.

Inspired by, My Love, Don't Cross That River.  


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