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A Broken Summer Rhythm | FINAL

August 18, 2020

    Summer camp was the only place I could hear her melodic laugh. Fall arrived abruptly, so we parted, teary-eyed, promising to keep in touch. The amber and crimson leaves, detaching themselves from the tree they would never forget. Winter, we would thaw the frost with hot chocolate and marshmallows.
    Spring rolled around as we bloomed like golden daffodils, eagerly awaiting summer. Finally, every summer solstice, we would reunite, joy pushing away the heat in the air. We lived our lives in tune to this rhythm, but one summer I never saw her. The music ceased, leaving me dancing alone.

(Word Count 99) Any comments and feedback appreciated :D Thanks to ~Deep breath~ Lata.BAnd_The_Stars_Laughed, Mia2004, V-Rose, AK_Nephtali, Huba Huba, an_ordinary_anomalySmruti Swarupa Mahapatraamazing graceand mindfruit for the super helpful peer reviews! Also thanks to everyone else who liked my many drafts before this final one and gave encouragement/constructive critique in the comments! I sadly can't mention all of you coz the footnotes are only so long :/ 

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1 Comment
  • beth r.

    Love the imagery and the ending line!
    Replying: Thanks so much for your comments on my work!

    about 1 year ago