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This poem is part of a selection of poems that I have been writing for some time now. This is the last one, the seventh one. The other poems prior to this are here, if you're interested:

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Your thoughts and opinions are extremely valuable to me so keep me posted on what you think! Hope you enjoy this collection of poems, each one written about different individuals.


October 31, 2020


eyes full of soul,
eating up all hearty sights.
everything is a wonder
a curious mystery unfolding its way.
capturing the ever glowing light,
somehow even in darkness.
a constant sparkle in
your anime irises.
you feel with your eyes,
with no mask for filtering.
emotion dripping from
your unshed tears.
you wipe them away
with your sweater paws.

shy boy, hood up, head cast down.
how come you still stand out?
out of sight, and yet still fresh in mind,
seeking no attention, and yet being the center of it.
humility pulling your head down
to bow.
soft-spoken voice and quiet manner,
gentle and pure.
you may be young
but you are not infused with lightning bolts and vapor smoke.
there is a maturity in your gait,
and your gaze is bold in 

kick-boxing your way to the top,
an all-rounder, jack-of-all-trades.
competitive, talented, eager.
singing, rapping, dancing,
what more can you do?
breaking through boundaries
that didn't even exist.
everyone wants you: limited edition.
but you stay to yourself.
you know what you worth,
but you bow your head and shake it:
'i am nothing. there is still
a lot to learn.'

your smile is endearing,
cute like a bunny.
teeth exposed and mouth
arched upwards in playful wildness.
you crunch your nose and giggle,
and your fluffy hair bounces along,
covering your ears with your hands,
when you get shy.
gazing randomly off into the distance,
staring at nothing less than
the universe.
melting heart by your effortless
and yet you grunt and cross your arms,
pouting and saying
'i'm an adult. stop babying me.'
just tell us how.

you are not young. 
an adult indeed.
early 20s, are you feeling old yet?
handsome striking looks,
soulful eyes staring through souls, still.
your an artist.
sketching through your life as
the canvas of the world develops.
you paint it the way you want,
you make it your own.
voice like freshly virgin snow
on which no one has trodden on.
silky velvet singing voice reaching heights of
the heavens.
no, you are more than just 
the 'young one.'


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  • abby.a

    re: i'm so glad i decided to write and post it, then. my goal is to touch the hearts of as many people as i can, so i'm glad i touched yours <33

    27 days ago
  • Eblinn

    "staring at nothing less than
    the universe."
    'sketching through your life as
    the canvas of the world develops.'
    this is gorgeous! i absolutely love the descriptions!

    2 months ago
  • Samina

    omg! so beautiful! I am loving this series!!!

    3 months ago