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It's me star,
I'm still sad over my fav characters death,
why you gotta do that to me author
R.I.P Niyx Raedon (from Akarnae)

My goals is to finish a story!

At the moment a doing a series called 'a pet review' so look out for it!

Words Left Unsaid

August 5, 2020

"What about you, Kioshi?" these word faded into silence around his ears. He let words float up, only to die in his throat and fall back into darkness. 

why would he care about what I have to say, no one cares about my ideas. 

He looked up to the disproving sneers of the others. He marinated in the glints of pity in his peers eyes. He knew what they thought of him. What would saying anything change?

There was something in his glance that felt like belief. So he let the dying words fizz on his tongue.

word count: 79
This story tried to capture social anxiety. I would like to know if I got this idea well and also mabye some title ideas.

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  • SavannaC!

    Umm, this is amazing! Great job!

    about 1 month ago