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Why I can't forget you PART 14

August 3, 2020


Thank God! We reached in 5 minutes. The birthday party was grand. From the entrance, I could smell all dishes. 

 I took a deep breath in and I could catch the mouthwatering smell of pani-puri. Suddenly I got a mixed fragrance of Dan’s perfume. That’s when I remember that he was also there. Pani-puri always does this to me. 
I looked at him and was quite attracted to his perfume.
I asked,” Have you put the whole bottle of perfume? It smells good, Thank Gosh you don’t stink.”
He smiled and replied,” Your learning sarcasm from your sister. I wanted to smell good in this wonderful evening with you.”
Oh my God! My cheeks just couldn’t stop blushing. Dan was so good in these cheesy flirty lines.
We entered the party. It was in this small compound. It was adorned with balloons, fancy birthday decoratives. The birthday girl was wearing a blue gown. I had only known her as a tenant in my building. I was pretty new to the place. When I entered with Dan, there was this awkwardness. The birthday girl stared at me like a strange object. I gave a half-hearted smile to her. I was in this dilemma like did I do something wrong. After the cake cutting ceremony, I pulled Dan’s hand and brought him to the side. I asked,” Did I do something wrong? Why are they starring at me like this?”
“I am so sorry. I didn’t tell you this but this birthday girl had a crush on me. She even proposed to me but …” before Dan could complete I was so furious that I felt like going away from him and leave the party. I took a step behind but then Dan caught my hand tight and continued to complete his sentence. “But I lied to her that I have a girlfriend so they think you’re my girlfriend. My immediate reaction was” WHAT! WHAT !” 
“I am sorry! But just for today please pretend like your my girlfriend. “ Dan was upset that he hurt me. I didn’t know how to react. Lowkey, I was happy to at least pretend to be his girlfriend. I replied “Ok, I will. Anyways, what should I do to pretend?” I was trying to hide my excitement. 

“Just dance with me, eat with me…. Anything” Dan replied casually.
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date published 3-8-2020


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