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Just an 18 year old girl who still has a lot to learn. I'm a soprano, I'm a bookworm, and everything else in between. Still trying to develop my voice and make my ideas heard. It's a work in progress.

Serene State of Mind

April 14, 2015



in my eyes

there is no greater magic

than seeing the blazing lights of my city

on a midnight drive with all the windows open


fully in love with every moment

or when

you realize that his eyes

were more brown than golden

and you can live without him now

or perhaps finding a song lyric

that reaches for the innermost parts of you

so much that it becomes a part of you

and you a part of it

it is the gentle touch

from someone who loves you

in the trying moments of life

when all you can really do

is let them try to fix you

it is gazing at the full moon

under a perfect skyline

with your best friends close and your favorite song in your heart

and a joyous smile

spreads across your face


this is true bliss

and everyone's definition of happiness is different

but my favorite way to put it is

knowing that you are connected

to everyone you have ever interacted with

and will ever interact with

on this planet

because is there a greater magic

than the unfathomable?


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