17| Just a dreamer who exists solely in her words because the real world is too damaging of her fragile nature. her biggest dream is to escape her tiny island and let the world read her works

I Need A Pack Of Highlighters

August 1, 2020


There's a pack of highlighters
That sits on a geometry set
It's in my sister's bedroom
That I'm not allowed to enter.
It's strange that it's all I can remember
About a room I fell asleep in before
But that pack of highlighters
Is the brightest thing in there.
I don't think she's ever used them
Because they're all covered in dust
The geometry set has not been moved
In almost four years. 
They both sit on a ledge
Bathing in the dust of the world
Probably covered in cobwebs too,
I would never touch them.
But I need some highlighters
And I have none of mine.
I should probably go get it
But it's all dusty and that makes me sneeze.
And I'm also not allowed
To step foot in her room.

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