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aosora's weather forecast

August 6, 2020


clear skies that inspire no mood-boards;
no epiphanies that result in strange, out of
place choices like frying chicken wings
before a math exam.
temperatures expected to rise slowly,
so if there is baking to be done, place your 
yeasty doughs in the balcony and let it go.
do not mourn any collateral damages that
may occur.
probability of sudden heatwaves (no room 
for surprise, you are a beast of habit), so
ensure abundant trays of ice and sunscreen.
it is always sunny in dubai
flightless birds glaringly prominent 
the screech of empty school hallways
sweaty boys collapsing in football fields
a toast of clear cold soda for all that summer
takes away from us.
this concludes our weather report.


if this is a dry spell, i am a witch in salem. if you go firewood hunting, watch for pinecones prickling your heel. and watch for me. i will never let this go.



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  • outoftheblue

    I do not have words.
    this is absolutely gorgeous and oh to have even a sliver of your talent

    4 months ago
  • Tula.S

    beautiful word choice. this is so unique.

    4 months ago
  • mia_:)

    oh my gosh! i love this! i could imagine an announcer reading this! so whimsical, almost! i love "clear skies that inspire no mood-boards," and all of it is just so good! you take words and just do some serious magic with them! mind blown! i love your work so much; you are seriously talented! :)

    4 months ago
  • Wicked!

    "a toast of clear cold soda for all that summer / takes away from us."
    Ahh this is so good—shouldn't be a surprise to anyone though.

    4 months ago
  • chrysanthemums&ink

    ack missed seeing you around. probably the loveliest weather forecast i've ever had the pleasure of experiencing ;) this evokes a sort of.... strange feel of summer? like this is just so wonderfully subtle in its presentation. something about this is just so clear and vivid while still retaining the vague bittersweet of your words. like a sort of heat haze with the sun and blue sky (huehuehuehue) shining almost blindingly up there. somehow, even with the simplicity of the language in this, you still manage to pass off that indescribable aura of yours. absolutely brilliant, and yeah, i really did miss you around here.
    also that bit abt leaving dough on the balcony to bake it just *chef's kiss* (literally haha).

    4 months ago
  • spectral

    lovely work, as usual! you are so underrated i can't-

    4 months ago
  • spurtsofdarkness

    all your pieces have this beautiful sense of mystery that i never seem to get. nevertheless, not a reason not to love everything you write. (also, your footnotes are art)

    4 months ago