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Philosophy That Nobody Asked For :) Pt 1

By: NoorWind


People never see us as we truly are; 
it is up to us to do that for ourselves.  
They either see us as greater than or less than, but never exact,
and their perception is never quite equal to the truth.

Message to Readers

Opinions and insights :)

Peer Review

I love this piece because it is so insightful and also quite true, the way I see it. However, I believe that there are people that see us as who we really are, and are very hard to find. They are a lot like our own selves, that have pretty much the same feelings and experiences, much like real and living doppelgängers, but not with the same looks.

It would certainly make your piece more palatable and sound much more enticing if it were written in rhyme. Please do try to write a rhyming piece of this, because I'd love it even more!

Reviewer Comments

I'd love to see a Part 2! Keep writing. :)