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idk why i like lowercase only now lol


July 31, 2020


before the world flipped upside down, 
i hid.
behind smiles that didn't reach my eyes
and a resolve to only get through each day.
all that mattered was that my mask
would stay on.
but now that i have not 
put it on in a while, 
i realize that i don't want to wear it ever again. 
i was flipped on my head.
the personality, the emotions,
the actions that i have suppressed
for years need to be righted.
they make me the person i am
after all.
it will take a lot of courage and time, 
but when the world is flipped back over, 
onto its right side,
i will be flipped upright too.


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  • ~wildflower~

    Re: thanks for your comment! I haven’t seen you on wtw for a while and it’s nice to read some of your work again :) I agree with everything said in the previous comment - this is a really good piece!

    2 months ago
  • bellairet

    Ahh great metaphor, very relevant. I love your opening line! It really drew me in. Also haha, lowercase just has that feeling! I do like returning to capitalization now and then though. Great work, keep writing!

    6 months ago