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September 16, 2020

PROMPT: Dust Jacket

Three communities to which you belong
LGBTQ+ community. I can talk about how amazing girls are without coming across as weird (which is always nice).
French community. Even though I'm not French, I'm part of it because I study at the local French school and so I know everyone. And thanks to them I have had amazing opportunities (such as performing at the French consulate).
Vegetarian community. It's one of the ways I found to fight against climate change, like many of my classmates (even though there are many other things you could do/stop doing).

Three places you learn well: pretty much anywhere with a desk (even if it's noisy).

Three adjectives your peers would use to describe you
Passionate. I'll give my everything for something I love. So, if I like a language, I'll learn it. If I like a text, an author, or a time, I'll find out almost everything there is to know about it.
Cultured. People say I know a lot, to the point they have been scared of me and my knowledge.
Nice. I'm always available to hang out, have a chat, or maybe just laugh randomly at life and/or freak out about it.

Three adjectives your family would use
Sensitive. I have always been able to detect the slightest changes in someone's features or attitude.
Proactive. I'm quick on my feet: once I realize what needs to be done, I do it.
Beautiful. According to my mom, I have "harmonious features", whatever that means.

Three adjectives you would use
Committed. I never go back on my word. Once I say I'll do something, consider it done. If I can't manage to do it, don't worry: no need to lecture me (I'm probably already doing it myself).
Loyal. If I trust you, then I trust you completely. If you ask something of me, I'll do it without thinking twice because I trust your judgment and your reasons, even if you don't share them with me.
Stubborn/determined depending on the POV. I can be cold and calculative, which makes me very unsure about things (probability). So, when I'm sure about something, it means I truly believe it's going to work, and I will try my best to see it through to the end. 

Three beliefs you hold 
You shouldn't rely too much on others because you don't know when/if they'll leave, so you also should... 
Take care of yourself because you're the person you'll rely most on until the day you die.
Uncle Iroh. Just... pretty much anything he says.

Three sources of comfort
Petrichor. It reminds me of childhood and innocence, somehow. Playing with dirt and gardening...
The sea. It's like a bridge between dream and reality. Despite the hypnotizing sound of the waves coming to shore, allowing me to daydream, the coldness of the water keeps me grounded. 
Standing in the rain. The continuously falling water drops give me a sense of eternity, where there is no law nor duty. It's as if time had stopped and I could finally rest.
Three instincts that serve you well
Time. I can tell the time by the sky's color (when it's not cloudy).
Direction. I rarely get lost, even in foreign places, because I have a good sense of direction.
Reflexes. I'm really good at catching things, like a soccer ball or the water bottle someone accidently dropped.

Three responsibilities you shoulder
Schoolwork. I admit that there are quite a few assignments I wouldn't mind not doing, but if I like the teacher, I feel as if I had betrayed their trust in me to do the work (if I don't like the teacher nor the subject, I just don't care).
Getting good grades. A way for me to see if I'm good enough (it’s as awful as it sounds). 
Being the responsible one. Yup, I'm the "mom friend".

Three things of which you are proud
I learned French in a year (kinda). I know it sounds funny, but I didn't mean to do it! It was supposed to be a beginner's class, 3h/week, no biggy but... it just happened. And I absolutely love it!
I speak 3 languages fluently (with decent accents) even though I didn't grow up bilingual, I've never lived abroad, nor have I ever been part of an exchange program.
Musical abilities. I play the guitar really well, but I can also play the drums or the piano and sing at the same time.

Three qualities that make your life singular and/or unusual
I rise with the sun. The sun doesn't rise at the same time every day of the year, it's not methodical: it's natural. And as a part of nature, I think we should respect its rhythm. Adapt to it instead of trying to make it adapt to us. Plus, waking up with the sunlight coming from your window is beautiful.
I don't mind being weird. Because I've always been (and still am, sometimes) an outsider: the girl who played with boys, the girl who didn't like boys, the "Frenchie" (according to non-French-speaking Brazilians) and so on. So, I'm used to cockeyed looks.
Family dynamics. Ever since I was little, my parents have always taken my opinions into consideration when making family decisions. I've never been forced into anything because we discuss things openly. Understanding over authority (I have heard from many classmates that their home isn't like that at all).
if there is anything else you'd like to know about me, just ask!
one thing: my name isn't "Athene", but I don't mind being called that. It's something related to my username here, but it could also be a name, so I quite like it!

Uncle Iroh quotes here
layout mostly stolen from EliathRose's dust jacket because I thought it was aesthetically pleasing.


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