Isabella Meneses

The Start of Something New

April 14, 2015

Born and raised in the heart of the San Fernando Valley sister act, Haim, finally relaesed their highly anticipated album "Days Are Gone".

Haim consits of twenty something year old sisters, Este, Danielle, and Alana. Growing up in a musical household had an affect on the girls' careers. Their mother and father taught the girls how to play different instruments such as the drums, guitar, and keyboard from a very young age. Singing for local fundraisers in their family musical groupm RockinHaim, influenced the girls to become their own band.

After releasing their "Forever" EP and recieved a lot of success, Columbia Records signed the band to their label. Releasing singles such as power ballad "Falling" the bands album became very anticipated by the industry. While recording on tour as they traveled the world, their fan base grew city by city. Danielle Haim leads in the band in vocals and lead guitar. Este Haim helps with vocals and plays the bass guitar with a face you'll never forget. Youngest sister Alana helps with the vocals and keyboard. Each girl contributes with drums but are also assisted by drummer Dash Hutton.

With the release of their album, fans are given all Haim written and produced songs. Which makes them unquie because they write and play their own music. At first I was skeptical; I expected this to be like any other girl group. However listening through it you realize the true talent Haim posseses. From making you wanna dance your socks off to "Forever" but then making you emotional with powerful lyrics in "Running If You Call My Name" the album has it all. Produced by Grammy Award winning producer Ariel Rechtshaid. "Days Are Gone" exceeds all expecations that was put on from the start after no labels would sign them because they couldn't see the obvious potential.

One of the most critically acclaimed songs of the album is "The Wire". With a unique sound thats never been heard before and a rock inspired influence the song surpasses anything heard like it before. Each girl's different personalities are placed as each gets their own verse. The wittiness of the lyrics and other contributions makes it one of the best rock songs of the decade.

After it is all said and done, this is only rhe beginning for the sister trio. What makes Haim so interesting to an audience is not only their personalities and vocals but their musical talents. With talent pouring out of them I expect more masterpieces will be produced of them. Haim is the start of something in the music industry. With their spunky attitudes and ease intos stardom I don't expect this to be the last I hear from Haim. So whether you're happy or sad make sure you're listening to "Days Are Gone" to lighten up your mood.



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