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Hi & thank you for coming to my page! I hope you like what you read, and, I would love your review or your comments. :)

My Novel: Rose's Flowers. It's a modern-day romance and realistic fiction! Feel free to check it out :).

"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." -Toni Morrison.

"Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness."-Oprah Winfrey

Rose's Flowers Chapter Twenty Seven :)

July 31, 2020


Sighing, I pull out my phone and look at Snapchat and see that Danny is at his house. I need to talk to him. 

I need to talk with my friend, one of my only friends. Speaking of close friends, I shoot off a text to Esi. No response. 

Ok then. I wave goodbye to Ms. Ruth and make my way home. Before I know it, I am lightly jogging because my brain understands that I need to talk to Danny STAT. 

Ding-dong. The door swings open and Danny is standing there in a navy blue shirt and white basketball shorts. “Oh, hey, Rose,” he says nonchalantly and I count to ten silently in my head, trying to control my emotions. 

“Can we talk?” I ask, grabbing my phone tightly. He nods and closes the door behind him. 

“What’s up?” He sits down on the porch swing and motions for me to join him. I realize this is not the time to beat around the bush and go straight to the point. 

“I’m confused, Danny. You told me you liked me, more than friends, and today, your girlfriend came to the shop.” I inhale, not letting him get a word in as I carry on. “Are you trying to mess with my head or something? It feels like you are doing that.” 

He shrugs (!), “Listen, Rose. You have a boyfriend who you seem perfectly happy with. I have a girlfriend who makes me happy.” 

Jealousy simmers in me, but I push it down. Breathe, be calm. “Do you still like me?” 

“I don’t know.” His three words made me confused, more than ever. 

“Are you still my best friend?” I ask, the words flowing out of my mouth before I could stop them. 

Just then the door to his house opens, and Bree Perkins walks out. “Danny, babe….oh, hi, Rose!” She says, cheerily as she walks towards her boyfriend. 

I stand up, immediately, “I---I….should go…” and quickly turn on my heels, and run back to my house next door. 

Shutting my door behind me, I exhale, trying to collect my thoughts. Is Danny even my friend? And suddenly, his words ring in my head. “Why don’t you just google your mom? She was a photographer, right?” 

I quickly pull up Google on my phone and type her name. 1,000,000 results. I add “photography” after and a page pulls up, less results this time. I click on it, heart racing. 

It’s a website. I click on the about page and suck in a breath. “Julia M. Johnson’s work is breathtaking and beautiful. So many different canvases, yet all are spectacular. I urge you to buy one, buy one now!” It’s written in bold typing, written above a thirty-something old woman’s picture, who is laughing and smiling wearing a pretty white top and blue jeans with white sneakers. 

Her hands are ringless, her hair is flowy and red, and her eyes are beautiful. She wears little to no makeup, but she doesn’t have much wrinkles. Everything about her seems free and relaxed. And her smile...I recognize that smile. 

I drop my phone. Oh my god. It can’t be...can it? My heart races as I zoom in on the picture, taking in the photographer’s face. 

It’s my mom.
Word Count: 546. A very short chapter this time, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! Any feedback is welcome! :)


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Thank you! And yeah that song is--astonishing. *cackles at my lame joke* Krystina Alabado did an awesome (and funny) cover of it btw.

    13 days ago
  • V-Rose

    In some ways, it's crazy that she's surprised that it IS her mom and in other ways, it's reasonable because it was almost like her mom never existed. Because we just hear snippets about her, she never seems like a person. More like just a story people tell you. Also, AMAZING!!!!! I wonder if Danny is still her friend, too. I feel like he is but Rose seems really scared that he isn't her friend anymore and the emotion is contagious.

    14 days ago