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Hi! I am 13 years old and I am a strong Christian. I love to write original stories and fanfictions. I have published two picture books already and am working on a third!
....I have a zillion fandoms....

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Griffin Darkwing: Chapter Two

August 1, 2020


Griffin looked around as Peter and the other Raptaurs raced over the terrain of their planet.
The daylight was rapidly fading, so he tried to take in all that he could.
It was rather like the terrain of an Earth mountain range, or that of Mars or Venus, with mountains stretching out around them as far as the eye could see. One mountain was actually a volcano; it belched dark smoke and orange fire into the air. Five flying creatures were hovering around it.
"Those are another one of our native species," said the Raptaur that Griffin was riding. He was a juvenile, or teenager; he had brown hair and looked like he hadn't shaved for a few days. His scaly lower back and legs were dark blue, which faded to sky blue on his underbelly. "Their language is different from ours, so we haven't been able to figure out their name."
"That's cool," said Griffin, only half interested.
"Speaking of language, soon we'll have to teach you a few words in ours; it's the basic tongue of all meat-eaters on this planet." said the Raptaur. "My name's Rex, by the way."
"Huh," said Griffin, who was feeling kind of sleepy now. He leaned toward one side, and one of the other Raptaurs pushed him back onto Rex. He dashed awake in a few seconds.
"Try to stay awake," said Rex."We're almost there."
Sure enough, they soon arrived at a city set into the side of the tallest mountain.


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