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cherished | ver. 2

August 2, 2020



seventy-eight. that's how many freckles you have, dusted across the bridge of your nose and creeping onto your cheeks. i know, i counted them. they're so small but so beautiful, like sprinkled stardust across your sun-kissed skin. it's funny, you know. i'm sure that you've caught me staring, losing count only to restart. but you never say anything. why?
when you laugh and grab my attention, all i can focus on are your eyes. bright, but sad. a sparkling, emerald green floating above the dull interior created by years of unfair torment.
life has treated you like gum on the bottom of his shoe and yet you still smile. and you smile so beautifully. the corners of your eyes crinkle with pure joy and i am ecstatic! the room brightens up with a warm honey glow and nobody can resist smiling with you. all you do is give, give, give; putting others before yourself always, astounding me every day. your heart is so huge, so golden, that treasure hunters would risk their lives discovering anything like it. 

you never take, and others aren't like you. so you receive very little. and this is infuriating to me because all i want to do is give you everything; the stars in the sky, the flowers in the earth, the shells from the bottom of the sea. 

i grumble when you don't clear away your countless used coffee mugs, only to have guilt grab me with its claws by the chest when i notice the dark circles under your eyes. 
i complain when you talk during movie night, completely overlooking your comedic remark, or theory of events that would turn out to be correct! at least, i would know if i had listened. 
but when i saw that your smile didn't reach your eyes today, and that you didn't make a sound when we watched your favourite movie, i realised how unpleasant i was being.

and it killed me.

so here i am, making your breakfast this morning with a special side of apology. i'll pick up the pieces of your heart, that has been shredded like paper, and comfort you. i will show you that you aren't alone, ever -- and if you need someone, i'll be there. because despite adoring you with every cell in my being, i never actually cherished you. but i have learned my lesson, and i will be better. 

you are the centre of my solar system. and it is my job to prove this to you, because you make every star in my sky shine brighter. you join all the dots in my constellations. you are the petrichor in the day, that refreshing light breeze after an april shower. the harmony of the birds' melody as the sky is still grey, but the world is still bright.
how can i express all of my feelings when it's precisely those that take my breath away?

you've always been there for everyone. so from now on, let me be here for you.
alright! we have another edit! i really hope this turned out okay! thanks to @dmoral for reviewing the last version! any feedback is golden! thank you everyone! :)


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  • August 2, 2020 - 8:27am (Now Viewing)

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  • Emi

    This is still so beautiful and touching. I love this piece so much.

    4 months ago
  • Dmoral


    4 months ago