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peace out everyone 0-o and eid mubaarak!!!

once alive

July 31, 2020


skeletons spines curling towards the sky
lush leaves once kissed the blueness but-
a scythe cut through the greenness and-
the hollow trunks stand tall and dry
-i probably won't be on here so much, the initial brightness'd faded and it seems so abandoned here :) may pop in then and now to check on everyone, but that'll probably be it.
-wish the new writers all the best it's been a wonderful experience to be here <3 
-peace :)


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  • EliathRose

    Aww, I’ll miss you. Spectacular piece, though.

    4 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    this is so beautiful
    im so sad that youre kinda leaving:(

    4 months ago