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Why I can't forget you PART 13

July 30, 2020


I headed to the gate along with a birthday present on my one hand and a thin shrug because the weather was getting kind of rainy, romantic. 
Lali shouted, “Stay Safe because you know who you are going with.”
Dan looked wide-eyed. “I know. I should be safe because your sister is a killer.”
I took the shotgun seat. After five minutes, I asked “Dan are you sure that you know that you know the way. I have google map, we can check.” I trusted google map more than my memory. Especially in a new place like this on a rainy night, I preferred checking once. Also, I was very fussy about driving.
“Yeah, I am almost sure.” 
“But which is this way? It’s not on maps. I guess we are lost. “ Matching roads with google map was my specialty and then arguing at the accuracy of maps. 
“It’s a short cut. The rain must have blocked the other way. Chill. Why are you panicking, I am here.”
“That’s why I am panicking. we both are new to this place and…” before I could complete my sentence he put his finger on my lips. 
I was speechless with his finger. But then I shouted “Dan look there and drive. It’s raining so be careful.” I turned his head to the road.
“Oh God! Why are you sitting next to me. I can’t stop seeing there.”
Dan was so talented in flirting. I didn’t have any option but blush hard.
Thank God! We reached in 5 minutes. The birthday party was grand. From the entrance, I could smell all dishes. 
word count 280 approx
date published 31-7-2020


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