surreal, but nice

that's all i have to say tonight

July 30, 2020


you know what?
i don't care if you're tall or short, a girl or a boy, or else. i don't care if you're skinny or bigger, short haired or long haired, or blue haired. i don't care if you have curls or straight hair. i don't care about your skin colour, the size of your lips or your nose or the colour of your eyes. i don't care about all those little things you hate about you and your personality. i don't care. i don't even know you. and i don't care. i see you, as a person, with tons of flaws but tons of little beauties and talents and love to give and love to receive and jokes to make and lips to kiss and flowers to pick, and i see you as your worthy whole being. because no matter what you did or what happened to you in the past, today, you are a beautiful person, you have a beautiful heart and space to grow. as long as you want to, of course.
that's all i have to say tonight.


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