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I'm 13 years old and was born on Valentines day during a snowstorm- I don't really make entrances like that anymore. I live in the panhandle of Idaho with my family and 6 pets, none of them are dogs or cats.

More Farms and Ranches

July 30, 2020

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Farm and Ranchland in the U.S. is disappearing at a rate of 3 acres a minute. This translates to 180 acres an hour, 4,320 acres a day, 30,240  acres a week, 1,576,800 acres a year. With less farm land, there is less fresh food being produced, this means prices are rising for better quality food, so more and more people are eating cheaper, less nutritious food that is horrible for them. We need more environmentally conscious, open to the public farms to teach people about the earth.

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