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Hugo's little adventure to the candy store

July 30, 2020


Man are blinded by greed just as how Hugo is blinded by that blue lollipop leaning in the glass jar by the counter. Face on the cold glass as his hands reach for his pockets for god know how many times to only hold the lint in it. he's hungry and he wants to hunt. He goes in and he stares at the broad, hairy, large man behind the counter. And he just stares. The man notices him and stares too. Both of them standing four feet apart in a staring competition for no reason. Unfortunately, Hugo lost and with his teary eyes he ask the man ' Sir, can i have the lollipop? i don't have the penny to pay for but I'll do anything,' the man looked at Hugo and asked if he was willing to work for it. Good thing, the little boy knew what child labour was. As he was about to yell 'THAT'S CHILD LABOUR,' his mom walked in the store and he had another idea. He looked at her with his big blue eyes, lips pouted, and brows tensed upwards, the classic puppy eyes but there was no need cause his mom was going to buy him a treat anyway. She got into her purse and handed him some money and told him to buy whatever he wanted. So in the end, the man got his cash, his mom got her happy kid, and he got his lollipop. Hugo walked out the store victoriously as his mom gently pats his head.
I got bored and didn't know what to write so I wrote this instead. Enjoy reading. :)


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