Farzeen Rashid


I'm Farzeen Rashid and I absolutely love to write!
I utilize creative writing and poetry to express my inner self and my emotions as well as my thoughts on modern day issues!
I aspire to be a doctor, poet, author and business owner in the future!

Message from Writer

• I created a nonprofit business when I was 15, called the Kindness Worldwide Movement. I also created a blog and YouTube channel dedicated to it as well. I am the author of the blog, I write about all the important issues going on in our world.
• I created a YouTube channel for my art (drawing, painting, arts and crafts, crochet, and embroidery)
• My biggest dream is to publish a book of all my poetry one day, in the form of an anthology.

Inner Essence

July 30, 2020


The grinning blossoms,
Dance to the bird’s rich jingle,
Perched on evergreens.
The soil fastens their souls,
And frees the nature within.


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  • July 30, 2020 - 2:14am (Now Viewing)

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