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I really liked my idea for this poem, and I'd really want to make this one better. Does it lack imagery?


August 29, 2020


Social media only shows our happiest moments
Medals and plaques only represent our achievements
We only want attention when we're looking the best
and we stuff the skeletons in our closets like a nest

I hope they think I'm popular and cool
I hope they notice me with my awards 
I hope they see me in the best spot 
I hope they don't look in the closet 

Yet every night 
creak .. creaaak ... creaaaaaak 
The skeletons' fingers go tap tap tap 
and ajar goes that closet door. 

These skeletons are giving me 
my dark, sagging eye bags, 
my drooping, blue mentality, 
and my dry, down-turned lips. 

So I let them out of my closet
and they roam around 
to my families' rooms, 
my friends' rooms, 
and scare some away 

It turns out that I didn't need to keep those skeletons in my closet 
        and I didn't need the ones who got scared away by my skeletons from my closet. 

Message to everyone: love yourselves, and the only ones you need to prove to are you and the ones that matter, who stay with you despite your flaws. :)
People come in quality over quantity too. 
I tweaked this piece that I wrote a long time ago, hoping to be better at poetry. 


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  • Lata.B

    Yea I left like I read this somewhere before. I love this! Aw I needed to read this:I

    about 1 year ago