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Why I can't forget you PART 12

August 2, 2020


Dan checked his watch and it was 9 pm. “Would you like to have dinner? Or stay some more time. I will drop you?” He tried all possible means to stop me. 
“No Dan, You know Lali. See you tomorrow evening for the party.”

It was a pleasant day. I woke up late and did all the daily chores earlier than usual. Writing was (is) my prayer. Just like prayer helps you to concentrate and better for yourself, similarly writing heals me. So I sat down to write a short poem. I didn’t realize time flowing so fast. I was left with 30 minutes to get ready for the party.
Dan arrived before the time. He knocked upon my door. My sister opened it and then they both sat on the couch in the veranda, next to my room. I had worn my dress and was putting on matching earrings. I was in a hurry, kinda chaotic situation. Lali engaged Dan into a conversation that was audible to me.
 "Wow, Dan your always before time. Is it your hobby?”
“No, just that I like to be punctual. Where is your sister?” Dan replied.
“Be patient. She will be here. She got late to dress up because she was writing. Anyways, you remember Dad will drop you both.” Lali just wanted to put some spices on Dan’s hurts.
“Yes, I DO REMEMBER, VERY WELL,” Dan shouted in such a way that I heard it.
I was ready. I packed my purse with the phone, some cash, and my mini diary, in case I get any good poetry ideas. I put my chapstick on and then headed out of my room.
I saw Dan sitting on the couch and there was an awkward silence. Lali must have offended him. I was so sure about it.
I was dressed in the red vine dress with some sandals, matching purse, and tassel earrings. Dan was looking charming in his suit. White button-down and blue coat.
Dan remarked, “ WOW! You look stunning, breathtaking, I’m falling short of adjectives.”
I was blushing by now. Suddenly I got felt my phone vibrating in my purse. It was dad.
“Dear I am stuck in with some important work. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to drop you. Will Dan take you? So sorry…” Dad hung up.
I conveyed it to Dan. His face quickly turned into a smile. He felt for his keys in his pocket.” Oh that’s so sad Sir can’t drop us...I have keys right now. So let’s go.” I was sure that Dan’s all attempts to conceal his happiness couldn’t be controlled.
“Why are you so happy? God! What’s your problem with dad?! I don’t know but we are getting late. Anyways, I have to go with you. I am such a risky driver and can't drive on rainy nights."
I headed to the gate along with a birthday present on my one hand and a thin shrug, becasue weather was getting kind of rainy, romantic. 
word count 500 (approx)
date published 30-7-2020


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