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Hi! I am 13 years old and I am a strong Christian. I love to write original stories and fanfictions. I have published two picture books already and am working on a third!

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Griffin Darkwing: Chapter One

July 29, 2020


The spaceship's engine was failing.
That didn't mean Griffin Darkwing would meet his end in space. At least he hoped.
The Raptor Guardian had been his faithful starfighter since he was fourteen. It wasn't going to let him down now.
Griffin wrestled the beast of a ship into gear and whipped it toward the planet he'd last seen. His star maps had said that the planet was inhabitable, but it'd never said anything about life-forms.
As the dying starship hit the atmosphere and began to burn from the friction, Griffin prayed it'd hold until it hit the floor.
Fortunately it did.....
He saw a group of creatures moving toward him, and he felt his belt for the blaster his father had left for him when he was four. Now both of his parents were dead, slain in the war with vicious Ripper Dragons ten years ago. Hopefully these creatures' intentions were friendlier than those Rippers had been.
"Halt!" cried the leader as the creatures came to a stop. "Your name, human?"
Up close, Griffin could see the creatures better. Their upper bodies were human, but everything from their waists down was that of the Earthling species known as Raptors. "G-G-Griffin Darkwing," he stuttered.
The Raptor/human gave him a steely glare. His left eye and left arm were both mechanical, presumably lost in battle. "Very well. I am Peter Silverpack, king of the Raptaurs." he said. "I see your ship has fallen into a state of disrepair. While we fix it, I will introduce you to my kingdom." He said something to the other "Raptaurs" in a snarling, hissing language, then turned to run back to wherever he'd come from. "The path is long, human," he said. "I suggest you ride."
"I what?" Griffin asked, but soon understood when one of the Raptaurs lowered to a height that would allow Griffin to climb on. As soon as he did, Peter and his men took off, toward a mountain in the distance.

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