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Hustle and Bustle

By: Pavlo Korol

During a typical rainy day,
the usual rush-hour has just begun.

The cars are being driven by
drivers who care about themselves only.

Who care about getting home the earlier the better,
as no-one really loves this type of weather.

It looks like there are no pedestrians,
that might seem to be dry.

All of a sudden, the thunder-storm made its sound,
making everyone forget about everything for an instant.

There are small, little kittens right beside the curb,
but nobody even notices them, since they're all in a hurry.

Only thoughts are wandering around: how to get home,
take a shower and forget about this day for a while.

But still, they are on the road,
willing to get out of this hustle and bustle.

Peer Review

The lack of punctuation adds to the experience of a poem because it really shows the flow of the meaning of the message the poem's trying to evoke and captures the reader's attention too. However, despite the constant punctuation in this poem is actually very fascinating because it really shows the single mindedness of the people in the storm. With or without punctuation, this poem's fine all the same.

You really evoke the tone of a one track mind, the overwhelming shock over how much apathy the people in the rainstorm show to the world around them. They're so obsessed with getting home that they don't stop to look at what's happening, like how "There are small, little kittens on the curbside". Deeply emotional and shaking.

Reviewer Comments

Hello Pavlo Korol, it's your friendly neighborhood Senior Peer Reviewer and I very much enjoyed reviewing this piece of yours. I found it to be insightful and personally moving too because we're often in such a rush in the rain, we often take so much for granted. While there are some things in need of improvement, it's still a really good piece. Nice work!