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I will 100% admit that I have no idea what I'm doing here. This piece is supposed to be a little dystopian and creepy, though.

Run, You're in Danger Town!

August 3, 2020


Skull snatcher 
System hacker 
Memory racker 
Feeling ravager
Disobedience tracker 
Listen to its laughter 
Here you meet your attacker 

When the lights go out--
When the shadows come to play--
When the smoke crawls in-- 
When the room gets hotter-- 
When it all goes quiet--
When the ringing drills in your ears--

g e t  a w a y 
from this monstrosity 
g e t  a w a y 
from its clutches 

Or it will destroy you, sooner or later 
Surely it will  
You are in the place where all the worst nightmares come true, after all.  

Feel the eyes on your back 
Your heart beats it's dear little self out 
Panging chills skittering across your bones 
The taste of metal tainted on your tongue  
A certain coppery stench stained on your clothes 
Undiluted fear invading your mind 
Find it nibbling on your consciousness, having quite a time.    


Radical jackals 
Tooth-gnashing little bastards 
Devil doggies with devil hobbies
Evil dogs with evil jobs 
Don't be fooled, they'll make you their tool   
Your tears their treats  
See them running free, scaring all that they see 

Oh, shut up, don't be a baby,
It's all in good fun
As long as you don't mind the rabies.  

And finally- controlling. 

You may now sit back and enjoy the program.
Code name: Veritas Perdita  


Apparently you had too much stuff of thought in your mind.  
Such insolence wasn't to be tolerated, one can suppose. 
Can we even trust what happens in front of our own two eyes? 
Everything is burning. 
The monsters stand at the top.
And either we or they must lie to rot.  

And all the little children we've been told to think of 
Watch it all unfold on the TV screen 
Their tiny tears rolling down their tiny cheeks 
They want to scream 
To hide 
Their parents try to cover their eyes 
But they can't look away 


a w a y


This piece was inspired by the Skinny Puppy song "Worlock" and the Doom OST (I don't play the actual game, however). 
Side notes:
- The line "Everything is burning/The monsters stand on top/And we or they must lie to rot" is inspired by a line in Shakespeare's "Henry IV, part 1". The original line, for anyone curious, is "The land is burning; Percy stands on high; And either we or they must lower lie." 
- "Veritas Perdita" should mean "Truth Lost" in Latin, however, if someone here knows Latin, feel free to correct me! 


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