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The Wind Is Angry Tonight

July 28, 2020


The wind is angry tonight
And the stars went to hideaway.
The sky is pitch black tonight
The moon has disappeared for now.
The wind is angry tonight
Whispering its troubles to us.
The sea is preparing  tonight
And the people have gone to sleep.
But I am still awake
And longing 
For the wind to calm,
The sea to give its final cry 
And for the stars and moon to come home.
But alas that will not happen
Because the wind is angry tonight 

The wind is angry tonight
It sounds like a shrieking child
Pleading for those awake to listen
And those asleep to awake.
The wind is asking for our help
As it tries to knock everything down
Because it’s like a scared little child
All alone and hurting.
The wind has given its last cry
As it strips my night sky bare
It has given its final warning to prepare
As it rears up the sea for battle.
The wind is coming tonight
And it’s angry at us for neglecting it
The wind has no mercy tonight
And the rain that falls is its tears.
So where I live is currently under a tropical storm warning and the wind was really angry tonight. I kept repeating that to my mum so I decided I would try to cobble together a poem about the weirdness of it


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  • Lata.B

    "The sea to give its final cry" I love this! This poem was so good!!

    17 days ago