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Hi & thank you for coming to my page! I hope you like what you read, and, I would love your review or your comments. :)

My Novel: Rose's Flowers. It's a modern-day romance and realistic fiction! Feel free to check it out :).

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Rose's Flowers Chapter Twenty Six

July 28, 2020


The second that perfect Bree Perkins with her shiny blond hair and dazzling smile says that Danny is her boyfriend makes my heart literally stop. 

I immediately rack my brain because there is no way Danny, my Danny is her boyfriend. After all, didn’t he say he liked me? Maybe I am just tired, I didn’t hear it right, there is another Daniel James Madison, Jr, on the planet…

But there is no explanation, other than Danny is actually dating this perfect, sweet girl with no problems. I close my mouth, and swallow hard because I realize I probably looked like a fish with my mouth open that big. 

Sigh. I can’t believe Danny didn’t tell me. Why did he act like he was waiting for me? Why--and suddenly, a light bulb goes off. 

When I first started seeing Hunter, I had him drive up and get me so I could make it clear to Danny that I had moved on. He did the same and kissed a blonde. A blonde that Perkins. 

Everything makes sense and then, it doesn’t. Why does this bother me so much, that Danny is dating someone else? You are dating Hunter! 

But I think it’s the fact that he didn’t tell me, his best friend, or well, ex-best friend, or just friend....we haven’t made up enough to see where we stand via label-wise. 

In my thought frenzy, I have completely forgotten about Bree. I blink, back to reality. She’s debating between two pots of pink flowers, when she finally chooses one and brings it up to the counter. 

I ring it up and I’m about to tell her the total, when she giggles and pulls out her phone. “Sorry, he’s texting me,” she says, happy and content. And all I want to do is wipe her smile off her face. 

In those couple of seconds, I realize that if I raise the price of the flowers, it will benefit Ms. Ruth with money being so tight. And this is a test to see if this Bree Perkins is rich. 

“$51.99.” I say nonchalantly and study her reaction. If I can sell this, it will make up for Ms. Parker not buying any flowers. Bree doesn’t blink an eye, just pulls out a shiny, gold card. 

“Do you guys take card?” She asks, and my suspicions are confirmed. Bree Perkins, definitely is, the daughter of the superintendent of the schools in Loveland. Her dad is richer than Hunter’s and Danny’s combined, which means that a $50 flower pot means nothing to them. 

Me, on the other hand, I’m not rich. My dad is a middle-class lawyer, working to find work in our adjacent cities. I never was really ashamed of our small one story home, but that’s the size of the guesthouse Bree freaking perfect Perkins’ house has! Dad’s a penny-pincher too, and that’s why I’m working in the first place: to get the money that he won’t give me! 

Breathe, Rose. Breathe. I take her card and swipe it through the old credit card machine. “Okay, thank you so much for shopping at Ruth’s Treasures.” I add flatly as she grabs the flowers and skips, smiling. 

“Have a good day,” she calls and promptly shuts the door behind her, leaving me and my immense jealousy. 
I check my watch after a moment of drawing in my sorrows. Where the heck is Ms. Ruth? 

As if she can hear my thoughts, she suddenly bursts through the rickety old door. “My flower,” she says, nodding her head. I stand up, out of the stool, and nod my head as well. “I’m so sorry I’m late, the bank line was long,” she says but I wave her off. 

“I made some sales,” I say casually and she smiles. “Sold some roses, and got 52 dollars because of it!” I squeal and then look at Ms. Ruth because she isn’t happy at this. 

She looks despondent, in her green shirt and orange jeans, and gold rings. “Ms. Ruth?” I ask hesitantly and then I notice the same, thick black binder in her hand that I recognize from the drawer under the counter. 

“What? Oh, yes, 52 dollars is good, my dear Rose.” She seems almost distracted, but by what, I do not know. I chew my bottom lip, worried. Is the shop worse than I think it is? 

“Well, I’m going to go check on the backyard, and make sure there are no rabbits or anything disrupting our supplies, and then I’ll head out, okay?” I say, unwrapping the black apron from around my waist. 

Ms. Ruth nods and suddenly, I wrap her in a bone-crushing hug. “We are going to get through this little money problem. I promise,” I say, hugging the short, old lady who has become like my grandmother. 

She hugs me back and then I drop my hands and step back and go outside, pretending to check on the supplies. 

If there’s anybody listening to this humble thought please don’t let Ms. Ruth’s shop close, please, I think in my head.
I don’t feel any more reassured afterwards.
A shorter chapter this time. Word Count: 855. Would love anyone's thoughts below! :)


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  • V-Rose

    Yeah. I have nothing against Bree, but it's kind of an unexplainable feeling to want to slap the smirk off. It might not be her fault and she might not know what's going on but I still want to do it!

    15 days ago
  • Coolgirl2020

    Danny’s a butthole, but I kinda like Bree. I mean, how is Bree supposed to know about all the drama going between Danny and Rose? And just because she’s rich doesn’t make her an awful person.

    16 days ago
  • V-Rose

    I'm so glad that Ms. Ruth is growing on Rose. And I'm also glad that she didn't take out her feelings on Ms. Ruth. I still want to hit Danny but seeing as Rose did the same, I just want to smack the little smirk off of Bree's face!

    17 days ago