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rise and shine you lot

young love; forever sewn into paintings

July 28, 2020


i cross my legs on a throne
of dew kissed pearls and
crystal window panes; touched by ice-
i plait my braids/into locks of winter breath.
run frozen fingers into the curves of my hips;
trail your curling soul over my lips and-
                      i will weave me into your arms
                      trace the artwork of our forms into
                      tapestries hanging on the wall
                      i stitch molten love into the concrete archways
arching like the way we dance
      spin me on the dance floor
i know the balls have long since retires but-
      spin me like a princess
you are the prince to my kingdom
                misty waves hang heavy around us as we
                sway; butterflies beneath sobbing chandeliers
diamond eyes and emerald tears
drape ruby silks over our hearts
paint lilac feathers over our bodies and-
                                         take me to your mind/mind/mind/is the locker room of the soul/soul/soul/i promise i will                                             be gentle as i traverse towering pillars of what we could become you and -
             i. you and i. dancer to her slippers, boy,
i would run my fingers through your curls while you
                                     hold me tight in your arms.
carve a sculpture of gold cast crystal mirrors and i will
                                     see me in your eyes.
let me slip my hand into your hand
take you with me; climb the clouds and
                    i’ll pull you up to where i stand my throne of glass.
i am fragile, but i trust the statues of my body are in good hands with you;
                   i gave you my heart;
brush your soul against mine and i will wash you in rosewater love
-iiiiiiiiiiii'm baaaaaaaaaack. miss me?
-to all the new people, hi it's me vinter and i formally welcome you's to here. i know a lot of new talent has joines while i was away. feel free to say hi. 


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  • happy butterfly

    uggh i love this,your imagery is perfection.please give me your talent,just a little bit?lol
    im so glad you're backkkkk!!!!ive missed you hehe

    4 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Love this and you and I'm so glad you're back!!!

    4 months ago
  • Deleted User

    back* i will CRY

    4 months ago
  • Deleted User

    joined* Good Lord, it's been no less than three minutes? and the typos have piped bacl

    4 months ago