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Writing Streak Week 3 Day 3 | Devil Inside Me

July 29, 2020



Kindly use laptop while reading this otherwise my piece would appear fragmented. :(    

             yes i know yes i know
           your kind smile is faux
         strange are your talks
      still i come near you
    knowing i will only lose
  lose my joy my sanity
lose my calm and myself into this abyss of yours
your shadow is darker than the dark itself can be
 this deep murky pit scares me blemishing my soul
                                    let me go please let me go 
                                 don't caress me with this
                              stinging finger of yours
                           my heart will melt or
                        no it will burn black
                      i think i should churn
                   myself and introspect
                  but you grab me close & closer drowning 
                  me in the creepy river of your foul lies
                  i don't want to swim in your sins anymore 
                   i can't let you feed on my budding hopes     
                      i don't wish to inhale this sweetly pungent
                                                  stinking breath of yours
                                               no no i won't let my tears
                                           glitter in these cold eyes
                                       which are covertly shrouding
                                     copious secrets untold
                                   i want to spill your lies and expose your secrets
                                      but every time you manage to lock my lips in yours
                                        leaving venomous thumbprints on my choking throat
                                                                                      i need to pull out of this
                                                                                    suffocating chilling
                                                                                  embrace of yours
                                                                                yes yes i know
                                                                              if i will not
                                                                           conquer you
                                                                         then one day
                                                                      you will struck
                                                                    me like a

I've heard people saying that there's an angel part in us and a devil counterpart and our soul has to listen to either of them and take a decision. It's just a fragment of our imagination I believe but nevertheless it's a lovely concept. In this poem, the devil one has been personified as a wicked evil personality who is trying to possess his lover (soul).
‚Äč While writing I had formed an image of the devil and the lady (soul) in my mind. The devil is wearing a long black cloak, his face covered with a white terrifying mask while the lady is sporting a pretty bright yellow gown, her eyes are such a beautiful shade of midnight blue! Keeping in mind these two images I tried to portray how the struggle between them continues... I hope I've done alright... :-)
And yes I tried to shape it like a lightning bolt. XD



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  • Dmoral


    3 months ago
  • Emi

    Clever how you got this into the shape of the lightning bolt! I also like how you use such symbolism of the devil and the lady.

    3 months ago
  • Lata.B

    This is so creative wow! Great work!!

    3 months ago
  • Samina

    This is innovation and creativity!!!!!!
    Replying: Three faces meant like 1 face for society (which is judgemental )
    Another one for friends and close family
    The last one is for yourself. You have an inner face that you don't show it to others quite often. But when you reveal it then people often misjudge you. I hope it's not that complicated.

    3 months ago