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6729 (100 word story)

By: HGAD b


What could these numbers be?
They could be a password,
They could be my age in days,
They could even be how many rubber ducks I own,
They could be my favourite numbers,
They could be an access code,
They could even be how many minutes until you die,
They could be the amount of words in my first short story,
They could be an apartment number,
They could even be my name,
They could be the amount of seconds I spend on this story,
They could be any combination of these,
But really, I just made them up.

Peer Review

What delighted and surprised me about this piece was the fascinating numerical meanings behind this piece. Through the number 6729, you give possibilities like "a password", "age in days", and "my name". Your use of repetition with he words "they could" is also very good, really draws the reader in.

What inspired you to write this piece other than the randomness of it and where did you come up with the number 6729? Also, while you do an excellent job of writing up the possibilities, perhaps you could try adding in just a little humor to this story, like what you did with "even how many rubber ducks I own,". Not only would this be funny, but really grab the reader's attention too. However, this is merely a suggestion and you don't have to take it.

Reviewer Comments

Hey there HGAD b, it's your friendly neighborhood Senior Peer Reviewer and I very much enjoyed reviewing this piece of yours. It was thoughtful and imaginative, really going into all the possibilities for what a single number could mean. While there are some things in need of improvement, it's still really good. Personally, on a minor note, I'm not sure how many rubber ducks you have, but I think they'd all say you have a real talent for writing. Nice work!