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I have crazy thoughts and a crazy mind. My thoughts run wild, so I turn to poetry. Poetry gives me a release. I express myself through it, and can twist old into new. Words resonate with me in a unique way, and I'm grateful for it. Poetry is an art I have forever needed, and have finally discovered.


August 10, 2020

I am a ship on the water
Floating, sailing, wandering
Unbothered and in peace
Just until a storm arrives

I am a storm circling the ocean
Intimidating, terrifying, angering
Descending upon those who fear me
Churning oceans into swells

I am a powerful ocean of water
Strong, supporting, heaping
Nurturing life and giving food
Going from water to ice and back again

I am an intimidating iceberg
Massive, deathly, colossal
Sinking ships and killing men
Most of me hidden below the surface...



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