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A Foreign Species

July 24, 2020


When I'm among Australian school kids, I am like a foreign species.
I, the artsy one.
I, the one who's never been to school.
I, the one who lived through the trembling earth, and learned about stories of it being a dragon. 
I, am a foreigner. 
The questions and comments flow like quicksand; Do you have any friends? What's New Zealand like? But how do you socialize? You're so good, I can't even draw a stick figure. So, you just do whatever you want all day? And on one occasion, I'm not sure where they got this idea, Do you have a pool, and just hang out in it all day?
But not everything they say is good; countless times, I've had people, old and young, ask how I have friends, or what it's like staying at home all the time. 
Being a Kiwi, homeschooled, artist, with Irish ancestors, is something that spurs on millions of questions from adults and children, alike.
To top all of this off, the crisis-schooling because of the pandemic, has handily been named homeschooling. This is not homeschooling, and no; it's not the same as normal for me, because I am usually out every day, not stuck at home. 
This, is not homeschooling. That's why it shouldn't be called that. 
This, is crisis-schooling.
If you have any genuine questions about homeschooling, ask them. I'd be happy to educate. 


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  • Jason_claire :)

    Replying-Hahaha, I suppose I could agree.

    10 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    That first line drew me right in! I enjoyed every bit of this:)
    Replying- What happened was on the fourth of July a couple years back, our microwave broke and we had to get a new one. I asked if I could put firecrackers in it and see what would happen (outside of course.) So yeah, I have really exploded a microwave; it was all smoky and black after. There was a hole in the back of it.

    10 months ago