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Character Study

July 29, 2020

PROMPT: Mad Libs

Dontae D'Angelo is an Italian-American 18-year-old indie band guitarist, who lives in an unkept, cramped house with his bandmates in the centre of his small town. Known for being musically gifted and incredibly unpunctual, he wants nothing more than to feel secure and appreciated for his music and himself. He pretends to be carefree, when in fact, inside, he really feels empty and lost in life. Dontae’s biggest fear is to be completely alone and penniless. What Dontae needs is support from a friend and to take a break from work and his band; the biggest thing getting in the way is his responsibility for his band's success, as well as his employment demands.

Akira Hashimoto is the Japanese 17-year-old successor of his father's business empire, who lives in a humongous mansion in the outskirts of his small town. Known for being overtly talkative and effortlessly hilarious, he wants nothing more than to explore more of the world's options, and for someone to listen and support him. He pretends to be engaged in his parent's business and actions, when in fact, inside, he really feels trapped and helpless. Akira’s biggest fear is to live life unfulfilling, controlled by his superiors. What Akira needs is to distance himself from his family situation; the biggest thing getting in the way is his arranged marriage to his "girlfriend", Akira Yamada, the daughter of another businessman.

Jeevan is an Indian-American 28-year-old office worker, who lives in a small shared apartment in Staten Island. Known for being distant and quiet, he wants nothing more than to run away from himself. He pretends to be self-sufficient and independent, when in fact, inside, he really hates himself, he takes care of himself poorly, as if life is a loop of the same day played over and over again. Jeevan’s biggest fear is living life like this forever, nothing changing. What Jeevan needs is to re-evaluate his life choices and get support; the biggest thing getting in the way is his lack of human connect, social awkwardness and cluelessness when it comes to getting help.

Dionne is a Nigerian-British 29-year-old simulated universe "game" developer, who lives in a spacious apartment, which is across the street from her company's HQ, located in Manhattan. Known for being successfully ambitious and selflessly hard-working, she wants nothing more than to save more and more people through her simulated universes, extending mortality rates by tackling physical, and now mental health issues. She pretends to be cold and fearless, when in fact, inside, she really is incredibly anxious and sensitive to people's opinions. Dionne’s biggest fear is to lose her hard work, and to harm people with her work. What Dionne needs is for her latest mental health/loneliness project's demo to be successful; the biggest thing getting in the way is people telling her otherwise and her premium knowledge on more physical health in comparison to psychology and neuroscience.

Drew (Andrew) Mendoza is a Filipino 26-year-old outdated teen heartthrob, who lives in a large penthouse in Los Angeles. Known for being the cold and serious branch of the love triangle, he wanted nothing more than to actually be with Levi, but now he is struggling to get casted in anything more. He pretends to be booked and busy, when in fact, inside, he really feels soulless and empty of any bookings. Adam’s biggest fear is ruining his or his loved ones reputations. What Adam needs is to book more serious roles and closure from his affair; the biggest thing getting in the way is his lack of any real connections or support (besides Levi), and Levi and Liv's thriving careers and relationship.

Levi Alexander is a British 27-year-old thriving actor, who lives in a mansion with Liv in New York City. Known for being charismatic and playfully heart-fluttering, he wants nothing more than to continue this façade for his career to continue thriving. He pretends to be happy with his fame and his "very real" relationship, when in fact, inside, he really feels like he is letting his grasp on his life slip through his fingers. Levi’s biggest fear is his own fame and lack of freedom. What Levi needs is to gain control of his public image, releasing himself from a PR driven relationship; the biggest thing getting in the way is how Liv is  actually in love with him, his agency's power and the availability of his career ending.
Okay, so I am currently writing three stories, a novel and two screenplays (a series and a film). I hold these characters close to my heart and I hope to see them manifested into something physical one day. One day :)


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