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My name is Sara and I love to write. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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I wrote this for Pride month but it's a little late now... anyway happy belated Pride!


July 24, 2020


 I like to think I'm not dumb, but then I go out and do something stupid like get hit with an arrow by cupid.
Well, not literally. At least I don't think. All I know is that she's over there by the punch bowl looking amazing with her green dress and I'm over here in the corner with a camera in my hands trying not to make it obvious I'm staring at her.
The only reason I'm at a school dance anyway is because it's my turn to cover an event for the newspaper. I would rather be at home. Or at the mall. Or literally anywhere else.
But at least she's here.
A group of guys walks up to me and asks to get their picture taken. I halfheartedly raise the camera to my face and press the shutter button. They demand to see the photo and are unsatisfied with the lighting. When I ask them if they even know what they're talking about, they scoff and laugh like I said a joke. They proceed to tell me they're famous on Instagram with over 20,000 followers. I tell them I literally have never cared less about anything in my entire life. They leave me alone after that.
Then, something amazing happens: my foot gets stepped on. Now that part wasn't amazing because I'm wearing heels and the someone who stepped on my foot was also wearing heels and ow. The amazing part was who stepped on my foot. It was her. Her who I don't know the name of but am in love with. Her.
She says a quick sorry and starts walking away. But, being the chaotic lesbian I am, I just had to do something stupid. I couldn't just let her walk away and silently pine over her like a normal person would. Nope. My body decided to think for me instead of my brain and grab her hand. 
I. Grab. Her. Hand.
I guess I didn't consider that even though I've been planning our wedding for the past hour, she has probably never seen me in her life. 
And I grabbed her hand.
Good one.
Not weird at all.
She turns around looking confused. I would be too if some random girl just grabbed my hand. She probably thinks I'm trying to kidnap her or something. She's looking at me and I'm looking at her and she's not saying anything and I'm not saying anything. So we're just standing there, holding hands and not saying anything.
I use the only excuse I can think of. I raise my camera.
"Smile," I tell her.
She does and I take the photo. I realize I'm still holding her hand and quickly drop it. I mutter a thank you and turn around to leave before I can embarrass myself even more. This time she grabs my hand to stop me from going.
"Hey," she says.
I look around to make sure she's talking to me which I realize is really dumb because she's literally holding my hand.
"I like your dress," she tells me.
"Me too," I say. "I mean, I like your dress, not mine. Well, I like mine too obviously that's why I'm wearing it-"
"Wanna dance?" she cuts me off.
I nod. I take off the camera from around my neck and shove it at some kid who I'm 72% sure works for the newspaper. But, frankly, I don't really care.
We head to the dance floor while I finally ask her name.


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  • BlueOwl

    THIS IS SO CUTE!!! (and embarassingly relatable LOL) Loved the piece!

    6 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    agree with sunny, this is so cute and soft!

    6 months ago
  • sunny.v

    aaaAAAA THIS IS SO CUTEEEE!! stellar piece and so, so soft. also i read your message to followers and: BTS! yay!

    6 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    THIS IS ME. As a hopelessly awkward lesbian, I especially love the Me too," I say. "I mean, I like your dress, not mine. Well, I like mine too obviously that's why I'm wearing it-" line. This is so relatable!! I love this.

    6 months ago
  • EliathRose

    Awww, this is so cute! I was just listening to Girl in Red when this showed up, and I think it was destiny. I love the chaotic but sweet feel of this piece so much. Great work!

    6 months ago
  • alyannabatoy

    I ADORE THIS PIECE, it's so relatable and cute. Soft LGBT concepts are supreme :,) (I'll be sure to write a proper review i the morning but it's literally 2am right now)

    6 months ago