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April 15, 2015



​​Last night, I got a call from the Washington County Sherrif's Department. I won't state why they called, but the Sherrif wanted to talk to my mom. My mom got home just as I hung up the phone. My mom talked to him for like 10 or 15 minutes. When she got off the phone she told me he was coming to our house. I was so scared. Then my brother had to stand outside forever until mom talked to him. James tells on everyone. It is so annoying. I hate him so much. First, he told on me for the spoons. Now he's telling on me for this too! You can never trust James with a secret. Don't even try. It won't matter what you offer him. Anyway, now that i'm off topic, When the sheriff got to my house he stood there in my doorway and talked to me for awhile. He said no one didn't want to press charges so I'm fine. The last thing he said before he left was: "If the mother wanted to press charges you would be spending the night in Juvinille Detention." I shouldn't even be here typing this. It's all because I'm stupid. This is the second time I have barely escaped spending time in prison. It's because I'm stupid. I'm the worst person ever. I had a life going for me. I'm just throwing it away. I don't even know why anyone trusts me. I don't know why anyone loves me. Or if anyone does. I don't deserve a life.


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