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Black Lives matter.
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I can't even be bothered writing them all down
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White Noise Of Criticism

July 23, 2020


Sometimes people want to much of me
The names and faces, swirling, telling me to do better
Sometimes the white noise of all the criticism, telling me what to do better, rather than seeing how far I've come, is excruciating. 
Sometimes they don't notice how I've grown, the only notice my mistakes 
The words of what I need to change, swirling in a hurricane of hate
Oh, how I need the praise, how I wish it would equal all the tellings off 
It's not that good - that doesn't make sense - your hair is to messy - your not old enough - you need to improve on that- 
They don't notice that I'm trying 
Everyone is trying 
And so many people just criticize us
All the people
If they can draw, the are doing better than they used to 
If they can sing, they know the words 
If the can read a children's book, but don't want to read The Great Gatsby they know how to read, and they know their tastes
Why must all the people tell them off 
Why do they all just keep saying what's wrong with us
If you can teach a dog to shake hands, but not climb on top of a wooden crate, then that dog knows more than they did as a puppy
If you are trying, you are enough 


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  • Jason_claire :)

    Replying- Haven't done much with those, but if you put cheese on the element is makes your house smell gross and smoke to come out of it like it's gonna catch on fire. Also, don't put plastic plates in there unless you want hot slime;)

    10 months ago
  • Lata.B

    "that dog knows more than they did as a puppy" Aww I like this line! :)

    10 months ago