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I'm an aspiring author who hopes and dreams to impact the world. I hope my little musings give you inspiration. x

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Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect is life.


April 14, 2015



Wild as an untamed bull

Lunging towards a matador holding a red cape,

Just like a seagull letting its wings feel the air beneath,

The waves crashing into the shore like horses in an open field,

She wanders through and through


Wild as the blizzard in winter season or in a desert,

Like an alpha hunting for a prey in the forest during spring,

An eagle soaring above as high as its wings can take him,

She wanders through and through


Wild as the flowers that grow in the meadow,

Like bears after hibernation and are hungry,

Like sharks smelling blood

She wanders through and through


She loves mystery and adventures and the feel of excitement,

She wanders alone, waiting

Waiting for yet another wild, wild soul

To wander with her all through out the world



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