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Challenge Completed - Week 2: Colors Of Your Youth

July 24, 2020

Challenge Completed - Week 1: Paint Swatch

Writing Streak Week 2, Day 1: Banana Bread
Banana bread is the color of the sun's rays beating down on muddy spring days, while feeling like the oven's been on too long it's heating the house.

Writing Streak Week 2, Day 2: Lotus
Lotus is the color of a person's flushed face when complemented by a lover, the words wrapping around them so lovingly, their nerves tingle and whole body heat up.

Writing Streak Week 2, Day 3: Thunderstorm
Thunderstorm is the color of blinding lightning from the shadows of clouds, as rain drops in hurried motions, touching the cool concrete ground.

Writing Streak Week 2, Day 4: Blood
Blood is the color of your scraped knees from falling off bikes, feeling cool and effortless as it slides down; yet, it is also the same as what falls from your face in car accidents, tasting like metal and smelling of rust.  

Writing Streak Week 2, Day 5: Moth
Moth is the color of that creature you caught when you were little, barely to be seen as it blended into the bark of trees, outlines with curiosity and the desire of experiencing.
Word Count: 198
Finished: 7/24/2020


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  • Wisp

    That title! Oh gosh, it really adds a certain ambiance to the whole week's worth of writing. It just ties together so perfectly, and makes me reminiscence for the memories of youth. I didn't read a lot of writing streaks when they were a thing, but yours are just splendid! And I regret not reading them sooner.

    23 days ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Aw thanksers and yeah work + chores = brain explode

    4 months ago