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Why I can't forget you PART 9

July 29, 2020


“No, I know your very punctual so why not we start at sharp 6. Till then tell me something about your hobbies.” He never liked studying.
I showed him my diary. “ I write Hindi/ English poems.”

“Huh?” he exclaimed with surprise.
“Ya. Any problem” I replied quickly
“No, I’m also a poet. I write songs, Shayari, and of course poems.” dan replied with a smile from ear to ear.
“WOW! Yes, I remember… Muhabbat barsa dene tu…..(Oh please rain love…)” I remembered all his words, to my surprise I remember each bit of his Shayari.
He laughed a lot. “No that’s not my song. I was just singing it and you remember it? Anyways, do want me to get my book of Shayari’s?”
“Oh, hello. We are having a math class now. Maybe later.” I replied with my most possible strict voice but somewhere inside I was feeling soft.
“Ok teacher. I’ll study now” Dan replied in a soft yet innocent voice.
“Please don’t call me teacher.” 
“Then what should I call you?” He promptly replied.
“WHATEVER but let's not waste our time.” I was focussed on math.
“Ok miss strict” He giggled. I gave an annoyed look and started off with Maths.
“Today we will be studying……”

After half an hour Dan caught yawning. I snapped my fingers in front of his face. “Hello, hey.” I wasn’t much surprised.
“Yeah, I’m awake,” Dan replied in a sleepy voice.
“That’s why you should sleep at night. Now tell me what I told just now.” 
“You just told how last night you forced me to come to your terrace.” He mimicked my voice in a sarcastic way.
“I never told you to stay.” I then hit him lightly on his shoulder. I don’t talk that way." I want to jump the terrace...blah blah” I reciprocated the game he was playing.
“It’s so nice seeing you get irritated.” He smiled.
“Maybe I should leave you early today. I want to come to see your book and you will get some sleep.” I had some mercy on him.

“Oh! Thank You. Come will go to my house and get it. So what do you like to read first Hindi Shayari or poems? And would you prefer to come from the terrace or main door? Also some coffee?” Dan asked as though he never was yawing 5 minutes ago.
word count approx 310
date published 23-7-2020


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  • .amelia.

    Really hooked on this story right now

    4 months ago
  • Mishthi Sharma

    It was my favourite till now... :)

    4 months ago
  • V-Rose

    "...somewhere inside I was feeling soft." Oh, this made me feel all soft and fuzzy inside. I loved this piece. It was the perfect size!

    4 months ago