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I write for mainly myself.
I write about or within the head space of what I feel, which is honestly often infatuated.

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July 22, 2020


i’m going straight to Pluto
where the world doesn’t ever have to 
see me anymore

mountains of water ice
but good god, the place is so nice
its cold to enough to freeze my heart, too

and after all this time 
i thought Earth was all that shined
but alas, at the end of the stars,
there’s hope
no worries, barely skies
and with my mind i’ll stay alive
guess i was only hanging 
by a rope

my life flies to Pluto
where this world doesn’t even
get close to me

the ocean doesn’t cry
and our planet never dies
the peaceful stars are all i need to see

pluto is my new home
so bye everybody i'm taking first class
to paradise
bad taste is washed away
each night is a brand new day
all my screams were just a sacrifice

the faces wash away
each night i sleep on greys
all my tears put out the burning lights


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