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July 22, 2020


Hindsight is bittersweet. On the one hand, you can understand why something turned out the way it did. On the other, you’re left wondering what could have happened if you made the other decision. Right instead of left. The third floor instead of the fourth. Staying home instead of trying to change a system that had no intention of differing from its aged, harmful ways. Because now you’re stuck with the consequences. Running out of breath and out of time as the pursuing authorities are right on your tail. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t be impulsive.
Think strategy. 
The blue and orange lights hit the wall in front of me, the high opacity showing that they were becoming closer as I turned onto the main street. It was hardly a fair fight - they had government-issued vehicles, and I only had my legs. The gravel was slippery underneath my feet, still damp from the rain earlier this evening as I sprinted down the street, drawing too much attention to myself. Partly motivated by the gravel and partly motivated by the pairs of eyes appearing between the wood nailed over the windows, I swerved to the left, where more solid ground greeted me. This alley was too thin for the cars to drive through, giving me a much needed advantage. Sirens stopped abruptly, and I heard keys jingling with distant shouts to ‘secure the perimeter!’ as I fled. The clear exit at the other end soon became a wire gate, the white light behind it illuminating the hexagonal gaps within it. To others, this would mean game over. But for me, this was standard practice. The abandoned dumpsters were begging to be used - who am I to refuse? I used a rotting wooden crate, which disintegrated after my jump, to step onto the bin. I swung onto an unused sign pole sticking horizontally out of the building, landing with bent knees on the other side to cushion the landing. Gunshots began to ring out of frustration of losing me - but that’s not my problem anymore.
(ignore: 280420) the blue and orange lights are deliberate, instead of blue and red/white! 
this is just something (messy) i wrote for my english class that i thought i would share - let me know what you think!


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  • Emi

    This is awesome! I love how you develop a world in such a short piece! I honestly would love to see more of this world and the character.

    4 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Replying: thanks for your comment!! I just listened to ‘absolutely smitten’ and I think it’s the happiest song I’ve ever heard! You’re right - the lyrics did fit the structure of my poem. Wow, good job for picking up on that! I actually wrote the piece while listening to a song called ‘Bird’ by Billie Marten. I have a special appreciation for sad songs and this is my favourite at the moment. If you listen to it, you’ll notice that every line fits the rhythm of the lyrics except for the last line of each stanza (and I sort of stole the first line... oops... shhhh). Anyway, sorry for rambling! Thanks again - for your feedback and the song!
    Also, great piece! If this is messy, then I have no idea what my stories are! I love the beginning and how the situation becomes clear in the sudden shift from a contemplative state to intense action :)

    4 months ago
  • outoftheblue

    love the sort of intense, rebellious tone of this piece!
    (also, just wondering- is this part of a bigger piece or a flash fiction?)

    4 months ago