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We're back at it with a new piece! This one's supposed to be a little dystopian and creepy. Thought I'd try something new out. Inspired by the band Skinny Puppy and the Doom OST (I don't play the actual game, however).


July 25, 2020



Skull snatcher 
System hacker 
Memory racker 
Feeling ravager
Disobedience tracker 
Listen to its laughter 
Here you meet your attacker 

g e t  a w a y 
from this monstrosity 
g e t  a w a y 
from its clutches 
Or it will destroy you, sooner or later 
Surely it will  

Feel the eyes on your back 
The panging chills skittering across your bones 
Copper stanches stained on your clothes 
Creeping, crawling undiluted fear in your mind 
Find it nibbling on your consciousness, having quite a time   

And all the little children we've been told to think of 
Watch it all unfold on the TV screen 
Their tiny tears rolling down their tiny faces
They want to scream 
To hide 
Their parents try to cover their eyes 
But they can't look away 


a w a y




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  • Dmoral


    18 days ago
  • Lata.B

    I really enjoyed reading this! And I love the way you wrote this! :)

    23 days ago
  • EliathRose

    Woah, the rhyme scheme in the first part? It gave me chills. The whole piece is so cool, and the way it ended was so very ominous. It's just so cool!

    23 days ago