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Why I can't forget you PART 8

July 29, 2020


LAST PART: “Jumping was very fun. Shall I come again?” Dan was stubborn and didn’t want to go. “Dan, don’t you sleep? It’s so late” I was so tired. So I had to touch him and push his shoulder to let him go. Then suddenly I realized OMG! I unintentionally touched him again.
“That’s why I won’t get any sleep. I’m getting sick” Dan replied as I touched him.
I was so tired that I didn’t understand what he was telling. Later I realized what he meant.
When he was leaving humming his song, I stopped him.
“Dan it’s cold outside. I don’t want you to fall sick. I will get a towel for you. Wait” I realized my mistake and got him a towel and his jacket which he gave me this morning.
I felt the magic vibes in those four walls, it was raining outside and the sound was like ripples water had an echo in my heart. I handed him everything and I think my silence was enough to mirror my heart out.
“ It’s ok. I didn’t mean a sickness, that way… leave.”
“Prem rog hai ye”
“It’s the disease of love.”
 He whispered with the intention that I shouldn’t hear it. But I heard it and its even engraved in my heart, till today. I was motionless and he left. I was out of words. I was feeling something more than words could describe. A poetess like me falling short of words. I think I was bit by the same love bug. I felt sick, was there love dissolved in those divine raindrops. I felt as if my soul left my body again and traveled across heaven and came back. It’s beautiful. I was so tired, but I couldn’t sleep at night. I remembered each moment of this day. I never woke up at nights unless I had to study math. But this time I remembered the math class with Dan. Reminiscing everything i felt blissful.
I felt as if this was a dream. I wished this dream would never get over.
I woke up the next day and was feeling tired. I don’t know but my eyes were stuck to the clock. I couldn’t wait for 6 pm. Math was not merely a class but more than that. Calculating my heartbeats when he is near, made me forget all my math.
I constantly opened my window to get a sight of him. I wait by the window. My family thought that I was waiting for the rain. I didn’t have much resilience against hot weather so I eagerly kept waiting for the rain.
It was 6.10. I kept waiting with my book open. I saw the clouds cover up the sky and thunder raging. I lost the little hope that he would arrive soon. I was also a poetess and sat by my window writing these lines 
“Aaj toh muhabbat baras ja.. Barish bhego de mughe pyaar mei”
“ Oh, please rain love, today. It’s the season of love. Rain please drench me in love today.”
It started to rain and I heard a knock on my door. Was this something more than a coincidence?
He came in. But today I was ready to get annoyed, teased whatever. I loved that.
“What’s up? Where were you all this time? It’s so late it’s 6.45.” I asked in a rather soft yet calming tune.
“Hello! I guess your clock has some issues. It’s just 5.45. Lol. I was sleeping all day. So you wouldn’t have found me on the terrace.”He was laughing.
“Oh, I think you are early for class. We’ll do some studies until then.” I told in a happy voice.

NEXT PART: “No, I know your very punctual so why not we start at sharp 6. Till then tell me something about your hobbies.” He never liked studying.
I showed him my diary. “ I write Hindi/ English poems.”
word count 660
date published 22-7-2020


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  • V-Rose

    I wonder what he'll think of her writing. I think he'll love it but I'm not sure.

    4 months ago