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I have no idea what this is about...oof. Just a random word vomit I got when it was raining:)


July 21, 2020

Raindrops patter on the sun-scarred pavement;
The grey squares drink the wine of the world's falling tears;
Blood, glaciers, rivers, and tears are dropped from the heavens' clouded embrace.

Kissing the ground as they fall from grace;
Little shards of liquid pain seal the world's changing fate;
The earth is green from denying its dizziness and bulimic news;
It spins faster and faster to save its phantom face.

The sky's stomach rumbles with fury;
It aches for retribution and resolution and revolution and revenge;
It gasps at the carnage mankind has made of its beautiful lands.

It cries as finally all hope caves in;
Its loyal stars demand bloodshed as a price for sin;
tears fall down the sun's smiling face;
It finally sees its young child being torn by rage's wind.

Brown tears and white tears and universal fears crawl down the sky's trembling face;
It cries adieu to its prodigal lands that never returned to peace and grace.

With cracked, callused hands, it streamlines the stars into a double-crossed fate;
Where lust cannot be gratified
and love has no place.
I don't really know what this is about- but it's raining where I live, and social media is insane these days so...yeah:)
I'm seriously craving one of those $1 Taco Villa burritos that they sell on Mondays.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    Replying: Okay, so theatre kids can be kinda like choir kids (depending on how intense your choir is). Most of them are loud and crazy or at least become loud and crazy once they open up. Even the most talented ones will often put themselves down (like most artists). A large portion of them are LGBTQ+ and bullying people about their identity is NOT tolerated (obviously).
    As for theatre itself. It's not easy. It requires a ton of work. It's quite terrifying at times. But it's really really rewarding. You know the feeling when you've just finished writing something you're legitimately proud of? That's what it's like being on stage. Just add a truckload of adrenaline. And once you commit to being a part of theatre, whether it's as an actor, backstage ninja, or techie, it will always hold a piece of your heart, and you'll always have a community of weirdos to welcome you with inside jokes and lots of singing.
    Oh, and don't miss tech week. Or say Macbeth in the theater. You might get murdered. Jk jk (mostly).

    4 months ago
  • black_and_red_ink

    There are some lovely descriptions here. Great job.

    4 months ago