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A Letter for Life

By: The Dreamer

Dear Friend, (whether you remember me or not, whether we have met or are strangers)

I simply want to stand on the rooftops and throw hundreds of letters to the world!

Life is never easy nor simple and this year it changed. It changed suddenly and drastically and we are all trying to deal with it in our own way.

It seems to me that the world at the moment is like a  half-finished rubik's cube. It is so close to being right, but not quite. It could be solved in a few minutes or a few days - it's impossible to tell. But one thing is guaranteed: it's sure to cause some headaches along the way!

What do we so often do when we can't solve a rubik's cube? We pass it on; and that, my friend, is exactly what we should do. We often don't realise how much we all have in common. I, myself, often forget how human everyone is and believe myself to face all these thoughts and feelings alone... The sad reality is we don't talk to people - even our friends - about the mysteries and challenges of life, we don't have deep, meaningful conversations. Instead we escape into a book or a movie (or like I sometimes do - into a diary, which gives me such great advice!)

We're simply too afraid - but why? I've tried to answer that question myself and my answer is: vulnerability. I'm afraid afraid of being hurt or called weak. What's your reason?

I have a favour to ask, speak. Don't be afraid to speak or reach out, share your hopes and dreams and fears. Be they a friend or and acquaintance, the bottom line is they are human and they have some wisdom to share or troubles to pour out. So please talk to them, be the friendly stranger that surprises them. And I guarantee you will be left with a jewel of a memory that will make it's mark on your life forevermore and will find a kindred spirit in every person. (Even if you never see them again or if they forget your face, they'll know your soul.)

As the golden sun sinks away and the veiled mountains try desperately to keep it up, the birdsong eventually fades, the cold breath of the night sneaks in and the warmth of love and familly beckons me into the brick house; I would like to leave you with these lines that pulled me out of bed last night and forced themselves and onto a page.

When the world crumbles and falls,
stand up tall.
For there is no end without a new beginning.
There is no death that doesn't bring a new life.
There is no sadness where there hasn't been joy.
There is no hope without fear,
nor a rainbow without tears.

Now my time has run out, my wrist has started to ache and the cold is nipping at my bare toes, so I must bid adieu.

May you dance into tomorrow with joy and light and may you always find your voice.

Looking forward to our conversation,
Your dear, unkown friend,
The Dreamer


Message to Readers

Please review or tell me what you think in the comments!

Peer Review

What drew me into this letter and made me interested was the overall theme of it; that life is complicated, but we have to talk about it and not be afraid. We often keep the things we face to ourselves and we often feel that life's like a "half-finished rubik's cube." However, by passing on the rubik's cube, other people can help us solve it and we often feel less alone. Nice work.

Perhaps you could expand upon the writer's own and other people's struggles in life, such as breakups or failures like losing a job. While you do acknowledge that human beings do face these things, you don't go into a lot of detail into it. By doing so, you'd be able to add just a bit more depth to your piece. However, this is merely a suggestion and you do not have to take it.

1. What inspired you to write this piece? Was this based on a personal experience? A philosophical idea? Or was this just a random idea entirely?

2. What would you say was your favorite aspect of this piece? The philosophical part or the metaphors you placed into it?

3. What were you feeling when you finished this piece? Happy? Proud? Empowered? Creative? Do tell.

To keep on polishing up this piece and make more like it. We often bottle our feelings away in this modern day and this is precisely the kind of thing people need. It's a brilliant piece!

Reviewer Comments

Hello The Dreamer, it's your friendly neighborhood Senior Peer Reviewer and I very much enjoyed reviewing this piece. It was deeply philosophical for a letter and honestly one of the best I've seen. While there are some things in need of improvement, it's still a really great piece. I fully encourage you to write more like it. Have a wonderful day!