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August 15, 2020



my love for you stands taller that the tallest trees, sings louder than the morning birdsong, flows faster than the quickest river. stands stronger than the strongest mountain.

sometimes when i look at an ocean, or an incredibly tall mountain range, i feel overwhelmed and small. but in a good way. it's strangely reassuring to know that there's something out there that's bigger than i am. something that has survived storms and harsh weather throughout the ages. through changes in climate and various events in history, the oceans keep on rolling and the mountains keep on standing tall. when i think about you and our friendship, i feel the same. i'm happy and reassured that there's someone there. you...
(ignore: 280918) hello! title's a bit of a stretch (plato -> platonic?) but here it is anyway :)


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  • sunny.v

    ahhh i’ll come back to this later bc i love it so much but platonic relationships have always been so so important to me so i’m like! yeah! love this!! like, you can love someone soooo much in a way you don’t love anyone else and it doesn’t have to b romantic and anyways thanks for writing this i’ll brb

    3 months ago
  • bellairet

    I just love your style! It's so flowy and peaceful. Also yes for platonic relationships! They're just as important as the other kinds. Your landscape imagery here is so well done, I really felt the emotions you were bringing out. This idea: "it's strangely reassuring to know that there's something out there that's bigger than i am." is really comforting to hear written down. Great work!

    4 months ago