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August 17, 2020



when i was a little girl, i used to trek into the garden in the evening during summer. i watched the blushing pink sky transform into the grand night sky in front of my own eyes. a sky that was so beautiful, reflecting sunlight on the surface of the clouds became so very deep and full of magic. the stars would twinkle at me and the constellations would tell me stories. 
i'd pick up a dandelion, blow the 'fairies' into the wind, and make my wish. do you know what my wish was? for 'everything to be perfect'. no more arguments in the house, no more negativity. i was, quite literally, a sweet summer child. i willed the universe to make me happy at the age of eight or nine, and it did. eventually. 

when i think of what excites me, what makes my heart beat so fast that i am filled with hope, what makes me smile to myself when i am trying to sleep, i think of the future. but equally, it's the future that makes me scared to live, to breathe, to take the first step into the rest of my life. do you feel that, too?

so, let's be brave. 'have courage, and be kind." i watched that film when i was eleven, and that has always stuck with me. for some reason, 'hakuna matata' works better for indecisiveness. 

i'm not ready for the beginning of the rest of my life yet. but that's okay, maybe i never will be.
(ignore: 250918) clunky title and a very old piece - written way before corona. thought i'd take a risk anyway :,)


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  • August 17, 2020 - 10:49am (Now Viewing)

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  • bellairet

    So atmospheric. I agree with Emi, the sky descriptions are filled with beautiful phrases and imaginative metaphors! I especially like the constellations telling stories. This piece is almost quietly inspiring, like it just makes you feel okay with the world. I've always felt like the future is so conflicted- there are just so many possibilities, and that's both good and bad, like you expressed here! Let's just take it as it comes, though.

    3 months ago
  • Emi

    I love the live-action Cinderella! This is such a pretty piece though. The description of sunset is simply stunning!

    3 months ago