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COVID-19 Letter

By: Michael Jenkins

Dear Ken,

As you know this year has been tougher for some than others. Everyone has been devastated with the impact of COVID-19 and some more than others. 
I am writing this letter to help you imagine a more meaningful way of life. I hope that this pandemic has made you realise that things can be flexible. First of all maybe you haven’t been going to work as much and have been doing some work from home, which is one of the points I wanted to make; that we don’t have to spend all our time at work. That we can spend some time doing the things we love. Work, as much as it is important, wasn’t meant to be our whole life. 
Another thing is that maybe you have been going to the shops less often, meaning potentially less food and having to use what you have, OR, during this pandemic some supplies have been limited meaning that some of the foods you wanted weren’t available. This can mean trying new things and cooking differently. This can be fun and exciting and I hope you have enjoyed it.
What I think the best part about this pandemic is that I got to spend time at home not having to rush away, which makes me think whether or not I need to do all the activities that I do. Whether I just stay at home and relax. I hope you have experienced this feeling as well and liked staying at home. I also hope that this pandemic has made you think of other ways to live life and to appreciate it more as we never know when something like this pandemic could hit and could take our lives. So I hope this pandemic has brought out the good in you. 
I hope you have had fun on this exciting journey.

Yours sincerely,
Michael J

Message to Readers

I would like some positive, constuctive feedback.

Peer Review

I really like the line "I am writing this letter to help you imagine a more meaningful way of life," because you're giving another person hope! I think that this is very thoughtful of you.

Yes. it would be great if you could tell Ken, who you're writing this letter to, more about yourself instead of writing about his life and focusing on him most of the time. I'm sure he'd like to hear from you. :)

1) How has your family been? What do you miss about the outside world?

2) Could you please tell us how you felt and dealt with the pandemic?

3) In the latter part of your letter you've said "all the activities". I'd love to know how you've been spending your time during this pandemic.

I'd definitely ask you to improve your flow and paragraphing because I happened to come across a few places where I had to re-read quite a number of times in order to get the idea. Improving your flow also has the ability to get the reader engaged in your piece of writing, so please pay more attention to that next time!

Reviewer Comments

Nice work, and keep writing and improving!