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July 24, 2020

i envy those gardens that are vast as meadows and brimming with beauty
those gardens never seem to stop growing
and will keep growing
their flowers stretch up to sun
those kinds of people are the ones
who have hearts tended with love and care

the garden that i have is small, fenced, and bland
it's not a garden; it's a patch of soil that needs work
i need a lot of work

again, i have hurt someone
with my narrow mind and selfish thoughts
the direction i'm going, i won't have anyone to rely on
i won't have any seeds nor water to grow them

what can i do to stop this?
it's my fault after all
my eyes are trained on shallow desires and fake pleasure
i can pretend that my flowers will come but soon enough 
i will run out of time

i fear my garden will never grow into something grand and gorgeous
because at the end of the day
i'm the one whose mouth stays shut,
eyes cast down,
and lips sealed
here's to another moment of me being "wow, i suck"


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  • EliathRose

    "the garden that i have is small, fenced, and bland/it's not a garden; it's a patch of soil that needs work/i need a lot of work" I really like this transition from talking about the garden to talking about yourself and making that connection so distinct. I like this piece because it talks through the different types of gardens someone could be, and doesn't just focus on one. I also love the ending, how you express your fears that you'll never be like those huge gardens -- it really ties off the ending nicely. Great work!

    7 months ago